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Advantec Australasia Pty. Ltd.

Advantec Australasia Pty. Ltd.
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Dec 30, 2012 
Advantec offers innovative agricultural and farming equipment that are best in terms of technology, performance, style, design, efficiency and effectiveness. We import high quality farm equipment from the US, Europe and various other parts of the world and make them available in Australia with necessary changes made to suit local conditions. Advantec is a pioneering and leading importer of Rem and Behlen range of agricultural equipment. Our Rem GrainVAC is the best Grain Vacuum equipment, along with Draftstoppa Top Hat - a self sealing exhaust fan, Grain Air Tubes, Grain Storage Rings, Curvet Sheds, Flexible Harrows, Rotary Harrows, Swing-Away Augers and a lot more. We are one of the best agricultural equipment importers in Australia. As a farm machinery manufacturer and importer, we innovate through our experience to bring in new technology into our products and equipment. We offer a wide range of agricultural equipment and products. We constantly make them perform better in all situations. We always offer the best quality products at the best price. Contact our sales team for further details! Advantec is a pioneer in the manufacture, marketing, import and export of all types of agricultural and farm machinery. We take due care in the regular function of our machinery. We use technology quite ideally to make farming easy and prosperous for farmers. We are among the very few that offers quality grain storage rings, quality augers, grain vacuum equipment and patented farming methods and equipment. Do visit our website to know more about our products, equipment and services! GrainVAC, Grain Vacuum, GrainVAC for Hire, Grain Vacuum for Hire, Grain Storage, Grain Storage Rings, Grain Air Tubes, Draftstoppa, Swing-Away Augers, Conventional Augers, Meridian Augers, Flexible Harrows, Rotary Harrows, SAM Raised Bed Equipment, SAM Seeders.
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